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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife

 La Pelada beach 
La Pelada [pronounced Lah-Pehlah-dah, in Spanish] is a small naturist beach at 2 km to the East of the town El Médano in the South of Tenerife. This beach, less than 100 m-long and composed of a very fine black volcanic sand, is located in a small bay under rocky cliffs and is immediately adjacent to the cupola of Montaña Pelada mountain in the East.
The main patrons of La Pelada beach are inhabitants of the only naturist village on Tenerife, Finca La Jaquita [pronounced Lah-Khahkee–tah], located at about 1 km off the ocean coast. Usually the number of sunbathers at La Pelada does not exceed a couple of dozen: people coming from afar mostly prefer La Tejita at the other side of El Médano, and only those dwelling at La Jaquita and at a few other nearby cottage complexes and a solitary small hotel are regularly coming to La Pelada.
[El Medano from atop]
View of El Médano and
Montaña Pelada from
the top of  Montaña Roja
[La Pelada Bay]
The beach at La Pelada
Still I might advice visiting La Pelada at least once – if even just for the sake of difference between the wide expanses of La Tejita and the cozy enclosed space of La Pelada. Besides, this place is better protected from the winds from all directions except those blowing from the South. The sand is coming down under the water with a very gentle slope, so La Pelada is very quite for little children as well, in spite of the surrounding rocks.
Getting there:
One can get to La Pelada over a local asphalt road going along the ocean coast eastwards from the center of El Médano (the way to El Médano is described on the pages about El Médano and La Tejita beach).
There is a small parking lot on the roadside right at the beginning of a path coming down the cliffs to the beach.

[El Medano Map]
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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife
Andrei Samartsev, St. Petersburg, Russia  —  May 2002