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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife

Other naturist beaches on Tenerife

The official site of the Spanish Federation of Naturism (Federatión Española de Naturismo) is particularly recommending at its Tenerife page the naturist beaches La Tejita, Las Gaviotas, Diego Hernández and La Pelada; I was at all these places, and I am devoting a separate page to each of them.
In addition, there are references to a few other naturist beaches on Tenerife found at the Spanish Federation site, on the page on naturist beaches of the official site of Tenerife Island administration, and on many other web pages.
I had no opportunity to visit all these places during my 2 weeks' holiday on Tenerife, except for Punta Callao at the southern side of Los Christianos which I did not like, so I can provide no first-hand information. Nevertheless, it seemed to me worthwhile to supplement my personal reports with a brief, probably, incomplete, list of other opportunities which I could find mentioned in at least two apparently independent sources.
I am also commenting it with my own vision of the environment of such places, and am giving descriptions of the ways to reach them.
Please also refer to the Tenerife map I am reproducing on this page once again.

[Tenerife Map]
A general notice based on my personal impressions of both the natural conditions on Tenerife and the ways and habits of the foreign holiday makers as well as of the local people will be as follows:
Very probable, most of the below listed beaches are just small secluded places, sometimes not easily accessed and with a room for no more than a handful of people. As often as not, some of the sunbathers would get undressed and some others would follow their example. Since most of the tourists are not staying on Tenerife for longer than a week or two, that does never come into a stable tradition: those who were on a particular beach twice or thrice have left, and the newcomers are starting all anew. Such places are mostly located at the side of smaller tourist centres around Tenerife.

 Playa Punta Blanca 
The beach at Playa Punta Blanca [pronounced in Spanish, Plah-yah Poon-tah Blahn-kah] bay belongs to the northernmost resort area at the Western coast of Tenerife comprising Acantilado de los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and Playa de la Arena.
Getting there: Passing in 300 m from the beach is road TF-47 which connects Acantilado de los Gigantes with TF-1 highway ending at the North of Playa de las Américas. From the Tenerife North, one can come to Puerto de Santiago over road TF-82 which starts at the end of TF-2 highway at the west of Puerto de la Cruz, turning then down onto road TF-454 from Tamaimo. The beach is located by road TF-47 in the middle between Alcalá town in the south and Playa de la Arena resort area in the north, the points distanced about 5 km from one another.
[Acantilado de los Gigantes]
Panoramic view of
Acantilado do los Gigantes
Route bus No 473 connecting Acantilado de los Gigantes with Las Galletas via Playa de las Américas and Los Christianos goes over this road every 20 minutes in each direction. Bus No 493 from Acantilado de los Gigantes bound for Guía de Isora is also good to reach the beach.

 Playa de Montaña Amarilla 
 Playa Colmenares 
The beaches at Playa de Montaña Amarilla [pronounced in Spanish, Plah-yah deh-Mawntah-nyah Ahmahree-lyah] and Playa Colmenares [Plah-yah Cawlmehnah-rehs] belong to the southern resort area comprising Las Galletas, Costa del Silencio and Golf del Sur. They are located to the east of Costa del Silencio resort village at about 1 and 2 km from it, respectively, and can be accessed by foot either from Costa del Silencio or along the coast from the west from Golf del Sur.
Getting there: One can get to Costa del Silencio taking turns to the South from the Southern highway TF-1 at Exits 24 (San Miguel crossing) or 25 (Guaza crossing). Six bus routes are connecting Costa del Silencio with Santa Cruz, Playa de las Américas, Los Christianos, Acantilado de los Gigantes and other places in the Tenerife South (the bus destination boards will read "Las Galletas", but actually all the buses are for Costa del Silencio via Las Galletas). To get to Golf del Sur, one is to turn to the south from TF-1 at Exit 24, or one can ride on bus No 470 running between Playa de las Américas and Granadilla via Los Christianos, Las Galletas, Golf del Sur and El Médano.

 Playa del Camello 
 Playa de la Garañona 
The beaches at Playa del Camello [Plah-yah dehl-Cahmeh-lyaw] and Playa de la Garañona [Plah-yah deh-lah-Gahrahnyaw-nah] belong to the north-eastern resort area at Mesa del Mar in Tacoronte province of Tenerife. They are located to the south of Mesa del Mar resort village, after the Playa de la Arena beach immediately adjoining the village. The distance from Mesa del Mar is 1.5 and 3 km, respectively, and the access is by foot.
Getting there: One can get to Mesa del Mar by taking turns to the north from the Northern highway TF-2 at Exits 11 (Tacoronte crossing) or 12 (El Sauzal crossing) onto the road T-162 for Tacoronte and whence onto road T-165 for Mesa del Mar. Route bus No 021 connects Mesa del Mar with Tacoronte. Also passing at less than 1 km from Mesa del Mar are buses No 023 from Tacoronte to El Prix and No 051 from La Laguna to Tacoronte.

 Playa del Bollulo 
 Playa de los Patos 
 Playa del Ancón 
[Playa de los Patos]
Bird's eye view of Playa de los Patos
The beaches at Playa del Bollulo [Plah-yah dehl-Bawlyu-law], Playa de los Patos [Plah-yah deh-laws-Pah-taws] and Playa del Ancón [Plah-yah dehl-Ahnkawn] are situated in the vicinity of the second by importance tourist center on Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz [Poohehr-taw deh-lah-Kroos] in the Tenerife North, at distances of about 2.5, 3.5 and 5 km, respectively, from the town to the east along the ocean coast. El Bollulo and Los Patos are described as "clothes-optional" beaches where facultative naturism is tolerated, while the farthest secluded El Ancón with a most difficult access is referred to as a mainly naturist beach.
Getting there: All the above beaches can be reached on foot from the road TF-176 passing through village Rincón; one can get to this road from highway TF-2 at Exit 32 (Puerto de la Cruz Botánico crossing).
There are indications that El Bollulo, Los Patos, as well as El Ancón via Los Patos, also can be reached directly from Puerto de la Cruz by foot, apparently, with descending the rough slopes from Carretera del Este motorway coming down to Puerto de la Cruz from Exit 32 on the TF-2 highway.
On the whole, steep slopes and cliffs abruptly coming down to the ocean are mostly typical on the Northern coast of Tenerife. So the access to the beaches is rather difficult, and bathing among the rocks may be even dangerous, particularly, in stormy weather. No wonder, many people resting in the Tenerife North prefer the swimming pools to ocean-shore beaches.

 Playa de Benijo 
 Playa de Fabián 
 Playa del Draguillo 
The beaches Playa de Benijo [Plah-yah deh-Behnee-khaw], Playa de Fabián [Plah-yah deh-Fahbeehahn] and Playa del Draguillo [Plah-yah dehl-Drahghee-lyaw] are situated in the remote North-Eastern part of Tenerife at Northern coast of the Anaga mountain ridge, to the East of a small village Benijo.
What I saw at Roque de las Bodegas village about 3 km before Benijo over the road, were just a few youngsters, presumably locals, frolicking on a small pebble-covered beach among the rocks, all of them in bathing suits. Sure, everyone can pass a hundred yards further, find a nook and undress, if he/she chooses it, and there will be no one around to object. In that sense, I think all the beaches in this area can be called "optionally naturist" ones.
Getting there: The area is scarcely populated and has virtually no tourist accommodation facilities. It only can be reached on a single motorway crossing the Anaga mountains in breath-taking serpentine turns and through a tunnel, and there is a bus service No 246 from Santa Cruz just a few times a day bound for villages Taganana and Almáciga. That is a fantastically picturesque place, quite worthwhile to visit on an excursion, but hardly anyone will be going there just for the sake of bathing.

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Andrei Samartsev, St. Petersburg, Russia    May 2002