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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife

 Town El Médano 
The town El Médano [pronounced Ehl-Meh-dahnaw] has no naturist places itself, though at times one can come across occasional nude sunbathers in the farther end of El Médano beach closer to the Montaña Roja mountain. Still everyone going to La Tejita, La Pelada, or to Finca La Jaquita, possibly cannot help dropping at El Médano. Besides, those who may not like staying in the Playa de las Américas area overcrowded by tourists, may be well advised to find an accommodation at El Médano.
It is a small town (officially, a village) which still has all the necessary facilities: a couple of hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. El Médano is a very nice and quiet cozy place, with the central square decorated by flower beds and big trees coming out directly to a sand beach, and with a wide ocean coast promenade.
[El Medano from the sea]
View of El Médano from the ocean coast
[Montana Roja from El Medano]
Central square of El Médano
and a view of Montaña Roja
You will see windsurfing fans arrange their paraphernalia on the beach, with the characteristic view of a dark-red cupola of Montaña Roja dominating the broad seascape in the background.
The prices in El Médano shops are appreciably lower than in the busy tourists places like Playa de las Américas, and the shop assistants not besieged by the hordes of foreign holiday makers will treat you as a guest. If you come to one and the same cafe for a glass of juice or a cup of coffee with cake (and what nice cakes do they bake there!) for the third time in a week, you will be greeted as a friend, particularly, if you manage to utter a couple of phrases in broken Spanish.
The excellent naturist beaches La Tejita and La Pelada are at just a 20-30 minutes' walking distance from the centre of El Médano.
Getting there:
One can get to El Médano over the road TF-643, taking Exit 22 from the Southern Highway (TF-1) at Granadilla crossing (cruce Granadilla, in Spanish). One also can come by route buses No 116 or 470, going from the island capital Santa Cruz and from Playa de las Américas, respectively, and bound for Granadilla via El Médano (for details, look up the route for La Tejita).
The distance to El Médano from the International airport "Tenerife Sur" is only 4 km on straight line and 8 km on the road, but there is no direct bus service: one has to change buses at one of the exits at "Autopista del Sur" (TF-1) highway, or else one can take a taxi.
[Central square of El Medano]
Central square of El Médano: view from the sea

[El Medano Map]
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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife
Andrei Samartsev, St. Petersburg, Russia    May 2002