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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife

Naturist village La Jaquita
Hotels with naturist solariums
 La Jaquita village 

There is, as far as I know, only one naturist village (finca, in Spanish) on Tenerife for the time being.
Finca La Jaquita [pronounced in Spanish, Lah-Khakee-tah] village is located at 2 km to North-East of the town El Médano. It is an establishment with about 15 suits and with a capacity of roughly 50 guests. It has all the necessary facilities inside, including a pool, a solarium, a sauna, etc., and it typically provides either a half-boarding or a full-boarding service.
The nearest to the village ocean-coast naturist beach La Pelada is at a 15 minutes' walking distance, and the most attractive on Tenerife La Tejita beach on the other side of El Médano town is also easily accessible either by car (some 15 minutes' ride), or even by foot (less than an hour's walk).
The place is run by German management and is oriented towards German tourists in the first place. However, they advertise themselves in English as well, and guests from other countries are also welcome.
[Pool at La Jaquita]
The pool at La Jaquita village
The village has its own web site in German and English:
where one can inquire about vacant suites and make on-line reservations.

 Hotels with naturist solariums 
[Fanabe Costa Sur]
Hotel Fañabé Costa Sur
with a naturist terrace
atop the roof
Several hotels on Tenerife, both in the North and in the South, have got fenced off naturist areas in their solariums, usually, located on roof tops.
I am giving here below a list of such hotels, very probably, not a complete one, with links to their web sites. Typically, the hotels offer a half-boarding or a full-boarding service, but some also have got an "all-inclusive" option.
Reservations in the hotels is possible either directly with the hotel administration or through numerous travel operators and agencies in many countries, even though the availability of naturist solariums may not be broadly advertised.
Still there are agencies specializing in the organization of naturist holidays in many countries, and some of them offer accommodation at naturist-friendly hotels on Tenerife. For instance, one can mention the British companies Chalfont Holidays:
and Naturist Holidays

Addressing the Russian tourists: package tours with accommodation in virtually all the listed hotels is also offered by many well-known Russian travel agencies.
Offering Tenerife packages is also the Russian travel agency Naturway specializing on naturist tours:

List of hotels

Tenerife South    Playa de las Américas in a broad sense
Playa Fañabé / Duque    North of Playa de las Américas
Costa Adeje Gran  *****    Pronounced: [Kaw-stah Ahdeh-kheh Grahn]

Fañabé Costa Sur  ****    Pronounced: [Fahnyabeh Kaw-stah Soohr]

Isla Bonita  ****    Pronounced: [Ees-lah Bawnee-tah]

Playa de las Américas / Los Morritos    South of Playa de las Américas
Mediterranian Palace  *****,tenerife,mediterraneanpalace.html

Noelia Sur  ****    Pronounced: [Nawheh-lya Soohr]

Tenerife North    Puerto de la Cruz and environs
Puerto de la Cruz Center    Seaside downtown
Magec  ****    Pronounced: [Mahkhehk]

Puerto de la Cruz South    Uphill environs of the town
Ferienpark Eden  ***

Puerto Palace  ****    Pronounced: [Poohehr-taw Pahlah-seh]

Los Realejos    A hillside village to the South-West off Puerto de la Cruz
Pronounced: [Laws-Rehahleh-khaws]
Tierra de Oro    Pronounced: [Tyehr-ra deh-Aw-raw]
Turning now to my personal experience. I applied to a few agencies in St. Petersburg to arrange for my trip to Tenerife, but did not like the style of their services for various reasons. I ended up booking a 2-weeks' tour to Tenerife offered by Natalie Tours company:
and sold by Greenex travel agency:
The both firms are Moscow-based, but have their offices in St. Petersburg (and in some other Russian cities as well).
The experience of my communication with these two companies was most satisfactory in all respects: they are offering a good quality service for quite moderate a price. Added to their credit must be the good web sites where one actually can trust the regularly updated information on available tours, and the prompt and clear responses by the company staff to e-mail requests. I also was impressed by a very convenient and effective system of on-line reservations offered by Natalie Tours to their distributors. The whole procedure of booking my tour at the Greenex office took no more than a couple of minutes in my presence.
The author
aboard a ferry from La Gomera
heading for Tenerife

On Tenerife, I was staying at the hotel Fañabé Costa Sur located very nicely in a well developed and relatively quite area of Playa Fañabé [Plah-yah Fahnya-beh] at Costa Adeje [Kaws-tah Ahdeh-kheh] in the northern part of the "greater Playa de las Américas" area. One of the best (textile) beaches on Tenerife, Playa Fañabé, is at a 10 minutes' walking distance from the hotel. It is well equipped with all the necessary facilities and has a lot of restaurants, cafes, shops and kiosks at the two-tier 1.5 km-long coastal promenade all along the beach; a big trade gallery of the commercial centre Fañabé-I is adjoining the beach in the middle. Still nearer to the hotel, there are 2 big supermarkets within a 5 minutes' reach.
Very conveniently, the end stop of route buses going from Playa de las Américas to the South and East: the Airport, Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, El Médano (and La Tejita naturist beach), Las Galletas, El Portillo at the Teide National Park, etc., is very close to the hotel, as well as a taxi rank. The buses bound for the North (La Caleta, Acantilado de los Gigantes, Icod de los Vinos, etc.) are also passing nearby. One of the collection points of excursion buses is there too. So the transportation both within the Playa de las Américas Los Christianos area and all over Tenerife is pretty easy. One can walk from the hotel by foot to Diego Hernández naturist beach: it takes less than an hour; or else one can make a half of the way, till La Caleta, on a route bus or by taxi.
The whole flat roof of the hotel is used for a big solarium which has two small water pools and a snack kiosk. A very small portion of the roof is fenced off with a screen to make up a naturist area. The naturist solarium only has a couple of dozen of hammocks, a cold shower, and a couple of tropical plants in pots for the sake of decoration. So the place is not particularly cozy. It seems that the solarium is not very popular among the hotel guests: I never saw more than a score of people there. Still I used it several times, for instance, when coming back from an organized excursion too late to undertake anything else this day, but too early for dinner. The hotel has a nice big open-air swimming pool in the courtyard at the ground level, but there is no naturist area there.
I had no chance to check what the naturists solariums at other hotels are.

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Naturist Opportunities on Tenerife
Andrei Samartsev, St. Petersburg, Russia    May 2002