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 Punta del Callao beach 
[Los Christianos]
View of Los Christianos harbour and beach.
Punta del Callao is in farther end at the right
The web page on Tenerife of Spanish Federation of Naturism is mentioning a Punta del Callao [pronounced: Poontah dehl-Cahlyah-aw] naturist beach that is closing from the south the coastal line of the beaches of Los Christianos. The indication seemed very attractive, since this place is conveniently accessible from all over the Playa de las Américas resort area in the South-West of the island where more than a half of the holiday makers coming to Tenerife are concentrating.
In reality, however, the place turned out to be hardly suitable for bathing and sunbathing. The shore line there is composed of big cobblestones and boulders, the access to water is rough, while the adjoining gravel plain covered by sparse grass and shrubbery and crossed by dirt wheel tracks is littered with scrap, plastic bottles and other garbage.
All that is making a sharp contrast with the nearby clean and well looked after "civilized" Los Christianos urbanization area and beaches. It might be better staying and bathing at the stone slates of a small Punta del Puerto [Poontah dehl-Pooehr-taw] rocky cape separating the Callao beach from the harbour and the beach of Los Christianos, but naturism does not seem to be commonly practiced there. A few solitary naked sunbathers are only showing up in the farthest end of the Callao bay shore, and all the surroundings look pretty uncomfortable. In my opinion, it would be ill-advised to reckon upon this beach as a place of naturist recreation for the moment.
Nevertheless, the Callao beach may have some prospects for the future. It would be logical, if this area were "refined" to provide more space to the ever growing influx of holiday makers on Tenerife.
[Punta del Callao]
Bird's eye view of cape Punta del Puerto
and of the beach of Punta del Callao
In fact, virtually all the organized beaches in the Playa de las Américas area are "artificial" ones: with the sand brought from afar, and with breakwaters constructed parallel to the shore at some distance to protect the sand from being washed away. The Punta del Callao beach is one of the last few rough places remaining along the about 10 km-long coastal line of Playa de las Américas area between the village La Caleta in the North and the rocky massif of Montaña de Guaza confining Los Christianos from the South-East.
In Spain, where, according to national law, the coastal line and the beaches make up a public area where everyone has the right of unlimited access, the beach regulations mainly depend on local authorities.
It would appear very reasonable indeed, if the authorities of Tenerife, of the Municipality of Arona, and of the town of Los Christianos, arranged for an establishment of the "clothes-optional" regime at the Callao beach when the time of its development comes. Perhaps the Spanish Federation of Naturism and the Naturist Association of Canary Islands might suggest and promote such and initiative?
The place seems very suitable for that. First, it is easily accessible for anyone staying in the Playa de las Américas area. Second, there is no through way across it, since the bay is closed from one end by steep cliffs barring any further passage along the coast; so no one will have reasons of raising complaints about the necessity to view nude people without wanting it. It appears to me that the availability of a well-developed naturist beach in an immediate vicinity of one the most popular resort areas on Tenerife will serve to its greater attractiveness to tourists.
[Las Americas Map]
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Getting there:
Walk from the harbour of Los Christianos to the left along the coastal promenade, or go down along the Avenida de Los Christianos from the bus stop in the town centre, pass by "Gran Hotel Arona" and the "Costamar" hotel, and you'll find Punta del Callao at some 200 m beyond the latter. The distance from the center of Los Christianos is about 1.2 km.

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Andrei Samartsev, St. Petersburg, Russia    May 2002